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Redefining Sustainment

With the increased pressure on the Australian Defence Force to reduce acquisition spend and drive savings, there is an even greater focus on the sustainment of existing capability.

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The Future of Naval Shipbuilding

An industry perspective on Australia's naval shipbuilding debate.

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Raytheon Australia's 15 year commitment to Naval Aviation

Raytheon Australia celebrates 15 years in Naval Aviation, building the industry's leading in-country capability in mission systems integration.

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The art of Enterprise Architecture

Because of its complex nature, enterprise architecture is often described as partly scientific and partly a well-crafted art. It is a holistic approach to the complex process of designing an enterprise from inception to end of life.

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Integrated Undersea Warfare

Around the globe, Raytheon is a trusted partner in undersea warfare solutions, helping U.S. and allied naval fleets to detect and defence against a broad spectrum of threats. The company offers the most advanced, integrated undersea warfare capabilities to support submarine combat, airborne anti-submarine warfare, and organic mine countermeasure missions.

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Trusted Partner in guided weapons

Raytheon Missile Systems' Naval and Area Mission Defense (NAMD) product line offers a complete suite of mission solutions for customers around the world. With proven products, innovative technology and strong expertise, Raytheon is the preferred provider of mission defence systems and the leader in naval air defence. The company offers a solution to cover every need - from ship defence to land and naval area defence to strategic infrastructure protection.

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Woomera Upgrade

The Commonwealth's stated intent to upgrade South Australia's Woomera test range to meet the demands of next generation defence systems will provide opportunities for Australia-based defence companies to bid for the supply, installation and integration of an enhanced capabilitiy.


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