RAU Pac12 AWD page ImageRaytheon Australia’s strong pedigree in systems integration and proven record of performance is evident in the Hobart Class Air Warfare Destroyer Program where Raytheon Australia is engaged as the Combat System Systems Engineer.

At the heart of this project is an innovative alliance based contracting model that aims to achieve improved contract performance in relation to schedule, budget, capability and risk management by improving government and industry interaction.

The philosophy behind the alliance strategy is to integrate Defence and industry to ensure best for project outcomes based upon a pain- share and gain-share contracting strategy.

As the AWD Mission Systems Integrator, Raytheon Australia is:

  • Integrating the non-Aegis elements of the Hobart Class Combat System and conducting combat system trade studies;
  • Developing the design of the complete Hobart Class Combat System with the Commonwealth, USN and its Aegis Weapon System Engineering Agent;
  • Developing complete ship and Integrated Support Systems with the Platform System Designer and Shipbuilder; and
  • Developing project management and systems engineering structures and delivering mission systems integration.

In addition, across the life of the program Raytheon Australia is continuing to demonstrate its commitment to developing the Australian skills base and ensuring opportunities for Australian industry relating to the non-Aegis elements of the Hobart Class Combat System.


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