Force preparedness is about readying and sustaining the Australian Defence Force (ADF) through available and proficient personnel, equipment, facilities, supply and support.

In the current environment there is a necessary focus on training effectiveness, efficiency and savings through initiatives such as the Strategic Reform Program and the New Generation Navy. Issues in the service’s ability to move sailors, soldiers and airmen effectively and efficiently through the various training pipelines is impacting on the ADF’s ability to meet force preparedness levels.

By moving into the Training Solutions space, Raytheon Australia will be equipped to provide our Defence customers with a whole of capability, total force preparedness solution which covers major systems, through life support and appropriately trained personnel.

Raytheon Australia currently readies and sustains the Australian Defence Force through the provision of major systems, and support of those systems. By adding the analysis, design, development and delivery of training solutions to these core capability development and sustainment activities, Raytheon Australia can provide complete solutions to enable the ADF to meet operational readiness requirements in a cost and time effective manner.

Raytheon Australia has the systems engineering approach and performance pedigree to sustain the force through providing individual and collective training to ADF personnel. We can apply our systems engineering and sustainment pedigree to build integrated military training systems with solutions that rationalise training and provide efficiencies through linking ‘preparedness’ of platforms and systems with ‘preparedness’ of people throughout the life of the capability.

Raytheon Australia has developed strong relationships through designing and executing innovative solutions for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Hobart Class Air Warfare Destroyer, RAN Electronic Warfare Training and Royal Australian Air Force Hornet Aircrew Training System programs. Our performance on the DMO Scorecard and our relationship with Defence provides our customer with confidence in our ability to assure Force Preparedness through extending our service offering and providing efficiency gains through an end-to-end service.

Internationally, Raytheon is one of the world’s leading providers of training services to military and other customers. Raytheon Australia is already drawing upon the international expertise, tools and processes used by Raytheon Company to deliver the UK MOD Defence Training Rationalisation program and the USN DDG1000 ‘Zumwalt’ Program.
Raytheon Australia’s intentions in the Force Preparedness space recognises the value that a coordinated and strategic approach to delivering capability can provide.

We also recognise the value that can result from using best of breed niche capabilities in developing solutions for Defence. In addition to growing our own capability, Raytheon Australia is establishing a Training Support Network (TSN) of training specialty SME’s to ensure these niche capabilities can be accessed in an efficient and timely manner. The use of SMEs through the TSN will also allow Raytheon Australia to reduce the potential risk our customer may face in dealing with multiple small providers contributing to a single force preparedness solution.

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