In October 2009 Raytheon Australia signed the contract for the provision of aircraft maintenance support services to the Australian Defence Force’s Aerospace Operational Support Group (AOSG) at RAAF Base Edinburgh.

The contract was signed by AVM Mark Skidmore, Air Commander Australia, and Raytheon Australia’s Managing Director, Michael Ward.
This successful re-compete of the Aircraft Research and Development Unit (ARDU) contract, which Raytheon Australia has held for the past 10 years, continues our tradition of providing high quality and dependable aircraft maintenance services to the Australian Defence Force.

The Raytheon Australia team remains focused on meeting AOSG’s ongoing requirements and maintaining the strong relationship that has been formed with the Australian Defence Force.

Over the past 10 years, the RA-ARDU workforce has focussed on achieving ARDU’s tasking and flying requirements to enhance the Australian Defence Force Capability. Aircraft and Avionics technicians, who are multi aircraft qualified, have provided task flexibility and have often been called upon to deploy and support remote operations.

The Raytheon Australia Aircraft Research and Development Unit (RA-ARDU) contract was established in November 1999 to provide aircraft maintenance, non standard modification, armament support, electrical and mechanical component manufacturing, ground support equipment maintenance, Life and Logistics support for the Royal Australian Air Force Aircraft Research and Development Unit (ARDU) at RAAF Base Edinburgh South Australia.

The objective of the contract was to provide serviceable, correctly configured aircraft to meet ARDU’s flying program and Defence requirements. Aircraft maintained included;

  • PC9s,
  • F/A-18 Hornet
  • Blackhawk Helicopter,
  • Allotted P3 Orion, F-111, and Hercules Aircraft.

Notable achievements of the RA-ARDU team include:

  • 1999–2002 Blackhawk first of class trials on HMAS Manoora deployed to the Pacific Ocean
  • 2005 Award of Authorised Maintenance Authority from Directorate General of Technical Airworthiness (DGTA)
  • 2006 DGTA Best Quality System Award in recognition for the most outstanding Quality System.
  • 2006 Fast Jet Test and Evaluation contract change with additional 13 Technical, Governance and Logistics staff.
  • 2006 Subcontract to Australian Aerospace to provide maintenance support for the Instrumented Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter at ARDU
  • 2007 introduction of a performance based contracting agreement
  • 2008 Attained CAMM2 paperless maintenance documentation authorisation
  • 2009 Instrumented Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter Hellfire Rocket trials at Woomera Range

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