Sold in Australia vs. Integrated in Australia:

Why our capability advantage makes the difference

 Sold vs integrated

Collins Class Submarine Program

Celebrating over a decade of trusted partnership.

over a decade of trusted partnership

Enterprise Architecture

Raytheon Australia's secret weapon for integration.

 Raytheon's secret weapon for integration

JP 2072 Phase 2B

The inside story on using local integrated solutions.

local integrated solutions

‘Integrated in Australia’ reflects the very essence of what differentiates Raytheon Australia from its competitors.

The phrase encapsulates the multifaceted nature of our in-country capability, highlighting our systems integration and mission support pedigree, our integrated business model, as well as our trusted partnerships with our customer, suppliers, partners and each other.

It also speaks to our ability to reduce cost while increasing the capability and availability of a platform over its lifecycle through the application of our unique integrated logistics approach.

The result and the advantage for our customer is real capability, ready now.

Customer service is our mission; the power of integration is our advantage. 

integrated in australia

Over more than a decade Raytheon Australia has built the industry’s leading in-country capability in mission systems integration.
From the original design of a system’s architecture to its eventual disposal, Raytheon applies a holistic approach to systems engineering with a record of proven performance on Australia’s Air Warfare Destroyer, the Collins Class submarine replacement combat system and special mission aircraft.

integrated in australia

Adaptable to any network enabled environment, Raytheon’s proven and integrated range technology delivers a next generation capability edge for the Australian Defence Force.

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