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Mission: Innovation for a Safer World

Manipulating atoms to build better satellites. Coding computer data onto particles of light. Finding ways to conserve and protect the world's power supply.

It's hard science that's expanding the frontiers of knowledge, and it's what happens in Raytheon's research and development labs.

Raytheon is a go-to contractor for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and other government departments. Its world-renowned scientists do research and prototyping for commercial customers as well.

We draw the brightest minds and give them work that excites them, producing patents, academic papers and inventions that are pushing the limits of science. Here are just a few of the emerging technologies we work in:


Our innovators deal in billionths of meters, zooming in on single molecules and atoms and creating new substances to replace expensive, exotic materials for systems such as satellites and infrared sensors.

Quantum mechanics

Forget what you know about the laws of nature. That's the first step in understanding quantum mechanics, a field that has Raytheon's researchers hard at work. In quantum computing, for example, they're storing data on subatomic particles rather than silicon chips. That technique could lead to computers of unprecedented speed and power, along with super-secure networks and even video from Mars.

Power solutions

Technology is only as good as its power supply, and Raytheon is making that power supply better. Our scientists are finding ways to store and transmit solar and wind power, as well as building controllers that send exactly enough juice to exactly where it's needed.

Data Analytics

Modern technology can turn anything into data. And that, in turn, can turn anything into an unintelligible mess of megabytes. Raytheon's computer scientists are developing ways to make sense of all the 1s and 0s, gleaning meaningful insight and helping people make decisions.

Immersive Learning

The best way to learn something is to try doing it, but not everything is built for trial and error. Raytheon's immersive learning techniques create lifelike training simulators that teach soldiers and Marines to fire shoulder-mounted missiles and sailors to handle onboard emergencies.

Sensor systems

The human eye is a marvelous sensor, but it has its limits. Raytheon is combining sensors and computing power to create entirely new ways of perceiving the universe.

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